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The Palm Springs LifeThe reasons for Palm Springs popularity are many. Here are a few of the top reasons.

Palm Springs Living


We believe that ‘home’ is so much more than the house that you return to at the end of the day. Home encompasses your private space and the community that surrounds that space.

That is why we believe that Palm Springs is one of the best places to call home. And we are excited to share some of the qualities that makes Palm Springs one-of-a-kind. the Coachella Valley, The Living Desert Zoo & Gardens is one of the biggest attractions with a mission to conserve and preserve all of the plant and animal life in the area. It has been recognized as one of the best zoo and botanical gardens in the U.S.

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The best time of the year to visit Palm Springs is between October and May when the weather is the most comfortable. The temperatures in the Fall are almost as nice. If you love warm weather for outdoor activity, Palm Springs has you covered year round.

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The Road to Nirvana doesn’t have to be long… in fact, the shorter the better. What many don’t realize is how close Palm Springs is to everywhere. Within a two hour drive from Palm Springs, you can be sticking your toes in the Pacific Ocean, or dining in San Diego. 

And what is just as important, you can leave your LA office on Friday afternoon and be sipping cocktails in Palm Springs by dinner time. Now that’s the way to kick off a relaxing weekend.


Palm Springs is known worldwide for the mid-century modern architectural style of design. Many of the homes and commercial buildings reflect the design sensibilities of the time when the city began to develop into its modern incarnation – the 1930’s to 1965. 

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The Palm Springs Community is a very diverse community with an international and open flair. 

With its large and vibrant gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community, Greater Palm Springs has become a welcoming community for all. LGBTQ visitors will find a wide range of activity to enjoy around town – including events, venues, and nightlife options.


The Palm Springs area offers a wide range of entertainment including Street – the free fest celebrating urban art, music, food and fashion, the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, The White Party, and the Stagecoach Country Music Festival… to name a few.

Not to mention the ongoing clubs and venues like The Annenberg Theater that provides the soundtrack of Palm Springs year-round.


Palm Springs Living has it all!