What is a ‘Fee Simple’ Title?

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What is a ‘Fee Simple’ property title?

A fee simple home is defined in Burton’s Legal Thesaurus in the following manner –

fee simple definition

noun absolute interest in realty, estate in fee simple, estate in land, fee simple absolute, holding, legal estate, ownership in property, ownership in real estate, ownership in real property, ownership in realty, ownership interest, real estate ownership, right in real property, title to property, title to real property, unlimited right to property ownership, unrestricted right to property ownership, vested interest in land

Burton’s Legal Thesaurus, 4E. Copyright ¬© 2007 by William C. Burton.

What does this mean in ‘plain English’?

‘Fee Simple’ means that the owner of the property has the highest possible ownership interest in the property and is limited only by government powers of taxation, established land use, police power, etc.

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